Thinking of a group Ski holiday?

Read our guide for tips and advice below

There’s no doubt, group ski holidays offer unforgettable adventures….

Celebrate that promotion. Bring on that big birthday. Show off your skiing skills to all your friends. There is no better way to spend your holiday than whizzing down the pistes, carving through the powder, breathing in that fresh mountain air, and then relaxing in the hot tub with a bottle of bubbly. But, there’s one thing that seriously kicks a skiing holiday up a notch, a luxurious chalet and being surrounded by all your friends and family!

Group ski holidays are the best, so to help take your snowy escape to the next level, we have created a group holiday guide so that you can enjoy an incredible skiing holiday. So, it’s time to build that WhatsApp group and get planning! Get the conversation flowing, keep the excitement growing!

If you really want to take the stress out of arranging a group booking you need a plan. First and foremost…..

Which Resort for a group ski holiday?

There’s a wealth of choice out there, but what’s best for a group? It can be so hard to choose when there are so many considerations. Quality and type of accommodation, level of resort facilities, budget… it’s a tall order to fill.

You could look at the big and well known resorts, but do they really serve a group well? They’re generally more expensive or/and more industrial and purpose built.

Going to a small but authentic and well placed resort offers great plusses for groups: proper ‘chalet style’ accommodation, easy to find your way around, easy meet points for a group, less queues, easily navigable lift systems. One can see the benefits.

Sainte Foy Ski Resort is perfect for group ski holidays – here’s why

It has all the ingredients mentioned above and it’s perfectly located between 5 other world class resorts (Val d’Isere, Tignes, Les Arcs, La Plagne, La Rosiere) so your group can choose days out if desired and at discounted day pass prices!

Snow cover is historically great in Sainte Foy, and because of it’s North West facing aspect it keeps it’s great snow. Not only that but the resort has invested in plenty of snow cannons to ensure good piste cover.

Sainte Foy offers great choices for groups, with beautifully wide pistes for beginners as well as world renowned off-piste itineraries. It’s also got amazing tree cover, perfect for bad weather skiing, snowshoeing and fun routes for kids through the trees.

Catered or Self Catered for groups? That is the question….

Catered Chalets

Catered Chalets are great for groups. They’re a far more flexible option than a traditional hotel. They offer the best experience for those hungry groups who just want a mouth-watering worry-free start to the day before heading straight out onto the slopes.

Quality catering also means a fresh cake for afternoon tea, plus a delicious 4-course dinner, all prepared by a fully qualified chef. Also, by choosing a company that caters for dietary requests, it really does take the hassle out of group needs.

If your group involves children, look for catering that offers an early sitting for the little ones. Not only does that mean you’ll know they’re fed and watered, but it allows adults their own holiday time; after all, everyone needs nurturing!

Benefits once in your catered chalet are extensive. Having a chalet host immediately to hand for all those little tips and advice really does make a difference. What’s the number for that restaurant on the mountain? Where is the meet point for our ski lesson? What about the special Birthday cake you wanted for someone in your group? Not having to worry about all the little things does make a holiday into a truly relaxed and fun time.

There’s some great choices of catered chalets to be found, for example, when holidaying with Première Neige, larger groups of up to 15 will be right at home in an ultra-luxurious 15 guest chalet like The Peak, a ski-in ski-out chalet in Sainte Foy with its own private access path directly onto the slopes.

If you are a smaller group of 10 or less, choose a well located chalet with great views like Chalet North Face in Sainte Foy which features private balconies, log fire, and that all-important hot tub.

One assumes that the cost of a catered holiday is much more expensive. In reality, by the time you include getting in the basic ingredients (which you’ll probably not take home or use all of) the time and effort of shopping, travel to supermarkets, cost of takeaways, let alone the hassle of who will do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc – it certainly makes a catered option very attractive. (click on the image links below to go to the any of the catered chalets shown)

Self-Catered chalets & Apartments

The freedom that comes with choosing a self catered ski holiday means you can take it in turns to cook, and for some this is part of the fun. The secret is to make sure the kitchen is well equipped (which a company like Premiere Neige takes seriously). There’s nothing worse than finding there’s not enough cutlery or plates, or even saucepans!

Self catering also gives you the flexibility to try more of the French culinary delights at local restaurants. Then again, staying in and basking in the hot-tub or sitting in front of a crackling fire would be well accessorised with a takeaway. The choice is yours.

If you are self-catering, it’s good to know there’s backup. An in-resort concierge service helps with those last minute requests, whether it’s a local transfer or tips on local restaurants. Premiere Neige has its Concierge office located in the centre of the resort – complete with staff who are knowledgeable and helpful.

And of course, don’t forget, whether choosing catered or self catered, being close to the slopes is a must.

When should I book my Group Ski Holiday?

So, you’ve got your dream team all lined up, but when is the best time to go? If you’re a group of adults, adhere to the golden rule – do not book during the school holidays.

If you’re willing to go a little ‘off-piste’ you might find some last-minute deals on flights, but the general rule when booking a ski holiday is get in there quickly and book early. This is especially true when it comes to large groups and special dates. The last thing you want to do is disappoint your group or have them forking out those extra precious Euros (which frankly would be far better spent on a Vin Chaud!)

There’s far more availability on flights when you book well in advance, and they’re cheaper. If you’re travelling by road, getting that ferry or channel crossing booked early gives you more choice. It’s also worth considering a train, if you take the Snow train from London it takes you overnight to the final destination of Bourg Saint Maurice – you get an extra day of skiing and as a group it can be great fun.

Premiere Neige Concierge Office, Sainte Foy

Everything you need for your group ski holiday in one place

As a group there’s much to consider, some of which you might not have the time or experience to think of.

This is where a decent Sales and Concierge service really is a Godsend. Advice, helpful tips, transfer service, pre-booking ski passes and equipment, even massages… the list is endless.


That transfer from the airport is always a dilemma, is there a direct bus? How many people will they take per taxi? What about late or early arrivals? What about parking if driving.

Having a concierge team book your private or shared transfers will ensure you have a fuss-free journey, at a time that suits you. Premiere Neige have years of experience and contacts in the industry, so all that you have to worry about is what to drink upon arrival in resort!

Ski passes

When you’re booking your group ski holiday, remember, a small resort can offer great benefits if it’s well located. Sainte Foy is situated amidst 5 other world class resorts and offers a lot of bang for your bucks. Why I hear you ask? Well, the lift pass prices are not expensive compared to the surrounding big brothers, but do offer discounts for day passes in those resorts. This means the perfect opportunity to cater for the desires of a group. Knowing there are choices for everyone is a big bonus. Just tap into the Premiere Neige Concierge service to help you get the best deal for each member of your group.

Ski Equipment

Book your gear through a company like SkiSet. They are well known for the best ski and snowboard equipment and they offer a discount for Premiere Neige guests! That means no huge queues for your group to grab their planks.

Lessons & Guides

Want to brush up on your skills or need some lessons? – We always suggest if you haven’t been on skis for a while, that you book a refresher lesson or two. Having a Concierge service there’s plenty of advice to hand to help you arrange private or group lessons, a guide for off-piste adventures, even heli-skiing.

Activities other than Skiing

Do you have a member of your group who won’t be skiing? – There are plenty of other activities in the mountains for non-skiers. Why not surprise your group with Huski sledging, paragliding or even a helicopter ride through the mountains?

Or perhaps, after a hard day at the ‘office’, you’ll find yourselves rolling your shoulders and dreaming of a massage or treatment. Look out for extra services available from your Ski Tour operator, there’s bound to be more than one in the group who will love some pampering.

See? Booking an incredible group ski holiday doesn’t need to be stressful. So, what are you waiting for? Get that WhatsApp group started, and book now to avoid disappointment.