Choosing to go self-catered can seem like the thin end of the wedge for some members of the family or group. Those of you in the know will be nodding and sighing sagely, knowing that the shopping list is coming your way. You’ll be the one waiting to sacrifice an afternoon skiing because supper has not been planned in and someone has to sort it out. Or perhaps you are the family/group member that everyone by default turns to to organise meals.

The answer to a good self-catered ski holiday…

  • Plan ahead
  • Be organised
  • Let someone else take the strain

With the above in mind, it’s time to dial it up and remember to take note of a more modern approach to a self-catered ski holiday. Forget ‘we’re half way up a mountain, of course we can’t get a takeaway, let alone Indian’. Also gone are the days of just one saucepan and a roasting tin for kitchen equipment.

Plan your self-catered ski holiday in advance

Self-drive or car hire from the airport is a popular choice amongst self-catered groups so we’d advise leaving time to visit the supermarket en-route to resort for the essentials. For help in planning, visit our self catered service page where you’ll find tips, directions and other useful information from local supermarkets, to the best restaurants & bars as well as takeaway options.

Aside from vittles, you’ll also want to think about ski hire, lift passes, lessons/guides & insurance. Our sales team can guide and help you get all these things booked well in advance, so there’s less to think about once you arrive. Naturally, a card up your sleeve is wise and knowing you have your own Concierge office in resort is an invaluable asset for last minute queries and advice.

At Première Neige, we make self-catering easy!

We recognise all the above and have help and advice to hand via our website and our Concierge office in resort. Furthermore, we ensure all our self-catered properties have a welcome pack with the essentials to see you through the first night, thus giving you time to get provisions in. Additionally all our self-catered properties have well equipped kitchens, and if you like a dream kitchen space, our luxury self-catered properties ‘Les Hauts du Monal’, have a plethora of high end extras and appliances.

Get organised when self-catering on holiday

You know how it goes, ‘Hurrah, we’re off on holiday, where’s my passport and ski socks’, whilst dreaming of whizzing down snowy slopes can make us forget the basics. It pays to decide in advance on nights in (to cook or not to cook….) & nights out…. and pre-book accordingly.

Let someone else take the strain

The Takeaway choice

Premiere Neige, have teamed up with partners, who provide a diverse and delicious range of takeaway menus. Equally importantly, they’re efficient and swift and have a proven track record in quality food. Even more rewarding, as a special concession to our clients, they are also offering a special 15€ discount* …..

*Apply discount code at checkout PremiereFree15. Discount applies to minimum orders of €75 – offer valid until 24th February 2019, thereafter discount applies on minimum orders of €150 until 14th April 2019.

The Restaurant Choice

There is also the restaurant choice for lunch, or a splash out evening during your trip. You can find details of the restaurants, bars and nightlife on our amenities & services pages – or just pop into the Concierge office and let them help you book something.

Mountain restaurants in the sun in Sainte Foy

To round-up, there’s no doubt that a self-catered ski holiday can be a great choice when you consider the array of options to suit all budgets. Take a look at the Premiere Neige self-catered accommodation with a portfolio of properties for couples and small groups to larger family accommodation and luxury self catered chalets. And don’t forget, if you do need a little more advice, feel free to contact our team on 0131 510 2525.