Few of us need a reason to go on holiday, but going on a skiing or boarding holiday presents more good reasons than most. Skiing & snowboarding provide more than a change of scenery and time out from the office, it comes with numerous health benefits too. Here are few ways skiing & snowboarding benefit your health….

Boost your mood

Is there anything better than waking up to the mountains? Filling your lungs with that wonderfully pure mountain fresh air? Spending your day amongst the snow-covered mountains, surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty, will have you forgetting all the stresses of daily life – Sainte Foy is the perfect spot to regroup & unwind! You’ll also benefit from the vitamin D exposure, which is something that we’re often craving in the dreary winter months. It’s also no surprise that exercise is fantastic for your mental health, triggering those brain chemicals that make you feel happier and relaxed.

The South Face Hot Tub - Luxury Catered Ski Holidays

 Quality time with Family & Friends

Skiing is a wonderful time to bond and enjoy the company of family & friends. You celebrate your first turns together and conquer getting on and off the chairlifts in one piece. You collectively indulge in the heavenly moment of taking off your boots and ordering a well-deserved tipple at the end of the day.  You spend your time off the slopes laughing at the day’s adventures. These shared experiences will create memories that last a lifetime! Sounds great? Find out more information about our Sainte Foy holidays.

The South Face Hot Tub - Luxury Catered Ski Holidays

 Improved Muscular fitness

Why go to the gym when you can get all the exercise you need on a winter holiday?! Skiing & boarding are some of the few activities that give your body a full workout. Whilst you are trying to stay balanced on your skis or snowboard, your core muscles and legs will be working overtime. Most of the time you probably won’t notice your legs are burning. You’ll be too busy enjoying yourself and admiring the gorgeous scenery. Don’t forget you can wear off the muscle aches with a relaxing massage or luxurious dip in the hot tub! Take a closer look at our properties with outdoor hot tubs.

Outdoor hot tub at Chalet Merlo, Le Miroir

It helps to train your core

Having a strong core is regarded by many as the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Balance is essential when skiing and snowboarding. Tensing your core stomach muscles is key in providing a stable skiing position and is fantastic for your lower abdomen. Who knew that a winter sport can help you get a dream summer body. You can thank us later!

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Skiing and snowboarding are an excellent cardiovascular workout. Health professionals recommend that even a short burst of moderate physical activity every day can have huge benefits for your cardiovascular system. Not only is it a good cardiovascular workout, but you will also burn between 400 – 500 calories an hour! Want to know more about the Skiing in Sainte Foy? Visit our website for more details.

The South Face Hot Tub - Luxury Catered Ski Holidays

Promotes deep sleep

Everyone knows a good nights sleep is necessary for your overall health. After a great day on the slopes, you’ll have no problems drifting off. Once your head hits the pillow, we can guarantee you will be sleeping like an angel. Your body will recharge for another fun filled skiing day and our beds are exceptionally comfy! Browse our portfolio of slope-side Sainte Foy chalets & apartments.

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Now you know that skiing can help to keep you healthy as well as being fantastic fun, check out our Sainte Foy ski holidays for 2018/19. Call us on 0131 510 2525 or send us an online message.